Torque Tool 2700 Nm   Torque feedback CL1-4

The hydraulic CL 1-4 TT has been designed in tradition of providing our customers a Simple, Rugged and Reliable product.

The tool comes with an integral torque- and turns counting sensor that will be real-time presented on the two subsea displays. Battery life time is 120H operational, and will go into standby mode when inactive.

The tools has hydraulic latching pins with spring return. Thus in the case of a loss of hydraulic power the wings will release. The tool uses a single hydraulic motor covering Class 2 to 4 torque range (67 Nm to 2711 Nm).



• Torque output range: 67 Nm to 2711 Nm
• ISO 13628-8 & API 17D
• Hydraulic pressure: 155 bar for 2711 Nm
• Nominal flow: 20 l/min for 14 RPM
• Hydraulic Pin Latches
• Torque- and Turn subsea display read-out
• Spring return on Pin Latches
• Depth rating 3000m
• Calculated dry Weight 42 kg
• Calculated water Weight 33 kg


Bjørn Tore Lien

Managing Director
+47 473 93 370