Octopoda XT ROV Skid

Dual power-pack system for handling of mineral oil and
water-based fluid without mixing.

Octopoda XT skid comes with two separate fluids reservoirs and power-pack systems for dual media handling without mixing mineral oil and water-based fluid. Mineral oil is used for operating subsea tools and water-based fluid for functioning and pressure testing of X-mas Trees.

Two field-proven valve control modules are installed in skid for pressure- and flow control. Both systems includes Proportional Directional Control Valves and Pressure Relief Valves with pressure transmitters on each output lines.

A subsea flowmeter are used to monitor and record real-time and consumed flow on all pressure test lines. Surface control system comes with a unique Graphical User Interface for controlling, monitoring and logging (trends and graph).


Bjørn Tore Lien

Managing Director
+47 473 93 370