Storage & preservation

Preservation and storage of a product covers the activities performed to maintain the equipment's functionality and availability. Outside preservation of a product by using coating in form of grease, wax or other covering materials to prevent corrosion and wear of the surface. Inside preservation made by filling a suitable preservation fluid in liquid form, in order to prevent bacteria and corrosion in the interior chambers and tubes. This treatment often performed on critical equipment that require protection. This type of service provides safety to our customers in terms of availability of equipment related to offshore use, where downtime often is a critical factor if the equipment is not operational and available when the customer needs it. Preservation and storage is also an effective way to reduce loss of value on the equipment over time.

Envirent can offer you large indoor and outdoor storage warehouse for both short- and long-term storage of your equipment. Envirent provide high skilled mechanics with expertise in multiple disciplines such as mechanics, hydraulics, piping, electrical/instrumentation. This ensure our customer a thorough follow-up maintenance and preservation service of the equipment.

Envirent will also have the opportunity to do the planning of preservation processes and procedures associated to the unique equipment for optimum handling and storage.

For equipment, that need re-certification through the Original Equipment Manufacturer Envirent can offer you Project Management, where we ensure a thorough follow-up of the project. After the re-certification, we will be able to offer you storage of the equipment where we ensure the operational function of the equipment at any time during the storage.

Web-portal, as a part of the service we also developed an online maintenance-system, where customers easily gain access to an overview of their equipment during the maintenance and storage. This web-portal also give you access to all relevant documents such as service reports, testing documents and photos. There are also a mobilization function where you easily starts the preparation work before dispatch of the equipment.

In addition to our own warehouse at Envirent, we also access storage on most of the oil bases located along the Norwegian coast. In this way, our customer can easily reduce high transportation costs, and ensure access to equipment at any time. We perform the maintenance and preservation on-site.


Example of application:
• Subsea equipment
• Drilling equipment
• Piping
• Valves
• Motors
• Compressors


Bjørn Tore Lien

Managing Director
+47 473 93 370