4-Station High Flow Valve Pack


  • iCsys Suite Software
  • Proportional flow control
  • Pressure regulation with feedback
  • Working pressure 207 Bar
  • High flow outputs
  • Water ingress alarm
  • Coms. RS 232, 485 and Ethernet
  • Light weight and compact design
  • The 4-Station High Flow Valve Pack is an universal remotely operated control unit which consists of 4 x directional control valves with individual pressure and flow control, allowing high flow of up to 120l/min in the output lines.

    The valve pack use our well known and proven PCB board to operate the hydraulic control valves which give pilot pressure to each PVG valve to control flow and pressure. Each valve group has pressure sensors for monitoring input- and output pressure. Auxiliary signal input is also achieved through a dedicated connector.

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