Backpack DWP 345 Bar 120 L/Min


  • 207 or 345 Bar pump supply
  • 120 L/min pump flow
  • 16L Compensator (96L flexible reservoir as option)
  • Depth-compensated Flow Control Valve
  • Pilot start-stop valve
  • Bulkhead connection plate
  • Buoyancy to reduce weight in water
  • Compact design

The High Flow Backpack DWP is compact, simple to incorporate and service friendly all-in-one pump system.

The Dirty Work Pack is an isolated hydraulic power unit that can easily incorporate into a ROV hydraulic system to provide an isolated hydraulic supply for driving tooling and equipment that may have potentially otherwise cause contamination to the main ROV hydraulic supply. The Backpack Skid consist of a 16L compensated reservoir, Dirty Work Pack, depth compensated flow-reducing valve and buoyancy. Can be configured with 96L Reservoir as option (flexible bladders).

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