Compensator 50 Liter Spring Loaded


  • Solid and Reliable Design
  • Facilitates system over-pressure
  • Analog Fluid Level Sensor

Typical Applications

  • Subsea HPU Systems
  • Subsea Reservoir
  • Chemical Injection
  • Subsea Tooling
  • Subsea RWOCS Systems
  • Subsea Excavators
  • Trenchers

The Envirent Compensator Series represents a number of hydraulic compensators that features a reliable and solid design, made to handle harsh subsea environments on great depths.

The compensator is designed for systems which requires relatively over-pressure on depths down to 5000 meter and are typically used as fluid reservoirs for subsea systems. The compensators are produced of EN-AW 6082 T6, GRP and POMC materials with stainless steel springs. In addition to our hydraulic compensators, we also deliver complete subsea control systems (hydraulic, electronic and software).

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