Dirty Work Pack 345 Bar 120 L/Min


  • 207 / 345 Bar pump supply
  • 120 L/min pump flow
  • Compact design
  • Service and user friendly
  • Customized pressure control option
  • Rated to 3000 MSW

The High Flow Dirty Work Pack Unit is used to reduce the risk of contamination in the main ROV hydraulic system. By using this equipment, you will get two completely separate oil circuits and avoid concerns about contamination in your hydraulic system.

The Dirty Oil Pack is an Isolated Hydraulic Power Unit (IHPU) that can be easily incorporated into a ROV hydraulic system to provide an isolated hydraulic supply for driving tooling and equipment that may potentially otherwise cause contamination to the main ROV hydraulic supply. Hook-up to the ROV is quick and simple by connecting a supply, return and drain line to a ROV valve pack function.

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