Dirty Work Pack 345 Bar 165 L/Min


  • 345 Bar pump supply max
  • 165 L/min pump flow max
  • Integrated flow control valve
  • Integrated start/stop valve
  • Integrated soft-start function
  • Rated to 3000 MSW
  • Bulkhead connection
  • Manifold block design
  • 345 Bar – 165 L/min High-Flow DWP is compact, simple to incorporate and service friendly. Contains well proven components integrated and all hydraulic connections is located in one end.

    The motor circuit on the DWP has a built in start/stop valve for remote start/stop, and has a flow regulator valve for speed control. The pump circuit has a built in pressure relief valve. The pump can be internally pressure compensated, remote pressure regulated or connected to a load sensing valve system. Soft-start function integrated to ensure fully utilization at all times.

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