Dirty Work Valve Pack 207/690 Bar


  • Integraded Control System
  • Digital flowmeter
  • Digital pressure sensors
  • 207 Bar pump supply (LP output)
  • 690 Bar booster supply (HP output)
  • Print of pressure test certification
  • All in one system
  • Coms. RS 232, 485 and Ethernet
  • Small footprint and ease interface to ROV
  • The Dirty Work Valve Pack (DW-VP) is a compact unit for subsea use in relation to tooling and pressure leak / test applications.

    DW-VP contains 4x NG4 and 1x NG6 proportional valves for controlling ROV tooling. A motor-pump (Dirty Work Pack) are flanged directly to the Valve Pack making it to a all-in-one system. The unique design are both cost efficient with regard to ROV interface and reduced connections (hoses/fittings) makes it a more reliable system due to HSE impact and leakages. Surface Software gives the operator control of both pump pressure and flow adjustment on all output lines.

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