Octopoda GEN-2 High-Flow Dirty Work Pack Skid


  • Integraded Control System
  • High Flow Pump 165 LPM @ 207 Bar
  • Water Jetting Pump 50 LPM @ 207 Bar
  • 50 liter compensated fluid reservoir
  • Directional Control Valve on all outlets
  • Pressure and Flow adjustment on all outlets
  • Submerged weight 0 kg
  • Coms. RS 232, 485 and Ethernet

The High Flow DWP Skid is designed to reduce cost in subsea operations related to completion, P&A, maintenance and other activities related to underwater operations.

HF DWP Skid comes with 50 liter compensated reservoir, a modular subsea valve pack and a high flow proportional directional control valve rated to 165 LPM. Subsea valve pack allow individual adjustment of pressure and flow on all outputs. A water jetting pump is used to functioning of pilot lines, pressurization & testing and water jetting applications, controlled by the Subsea Valve Pack.

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