Octopoda GEN-1 Injection & Test Skid (ITS)


  • Integraded Control System
  • Digital flowmeter circuit 1
  • Digital pressure sensors
  • Print of pressure test certification
  • 160L Reservoir circuit 1
  • 200L Reservoir circuit 2
  • Dual media booster pumps
  • LP 345 Bar outlet
  • HP 690 Bar outlet
  • Coms. RS 232, 485 and Ethernet
  • Light weight in water

The Injection & Testing Skid (ITS) is designed to reduce cost in subsea operations related to completion, installation, maintenance and other activities related to underwater operations.

ITS comes with two separate reservoirs- and pump circuits for dual media handling without mixing the two types of fluids. All components are field proven and qualified for 690 Bar pumping pressure. A Control Unit (Valve pack) will allow the operator to start and stop the pumps independently and sustain maximum control on both pressure regulation and flow adjustment. Pressure Safety Valves are installed as over-pressure protection on all outlets. ITS comes with digital data logging on each outlet and subsea pressure gauges for visual readout. Bleed-pressure feature on all lines.

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