J-TUBE Diaphragm Cutting Tool

Typical Operations

  • Cutting Operations


  • Hydraulic drill tool
  • Manipulator rotation
  • Cutting OD Ø770 mm
  • Cutting OD Ø530 mm (optional)
  • Low weight
  • ROV friendly design

This J-tube Diaphragm Cutting tool is designed and built to be easily handled by standard ROV manipulators for cutting of the reinforced rubber diaphragms.

The ROV friendly tool are primarily designed with aluminum and POM material to keep low weight in water. Tool body works as a guiding frame inside the J-tube Bellmouth. POM materials are used for protection of the Bellmouth due to scratches and damages of surface and painting. The tool is manual rotated by the ROV manipulator by rotating the center D-handle of the tool. A hydraulic motor / bearing house, shaft and modified drill bit are used to drill hole in diaphragms and mill out the pieces without damaging inside the surface of Bellmouth.

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