Modular Valve Pack System 2 Function


  • iCsys Suite Software
  • Simple and cost efficient changeout of spares
  • Modular Valve Design
  • Proportional flow control
  • Pressure regulation with feedback
  • Working pressure 207 Bar
  • Temperature sensor
  • Coms. RS 232, 485 and Ethernet
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Modular Valve Pack system based on ingelligent firmware, specially designed to handle different hydraulic control requirements for both simple and complex underwater system and tooling applications.

    The 2-function Modular Valve Pack is designed with purpose of being a low cost valve pack, with all features needed to operate subsea tooling. The design is compact and user-friendly ”plug and play” of valve modules. The 2-function Valve Pack can easily be increased with additional valve modules as extension to existing setup.

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