Octopoda GEN-2 ROV Tooling Skid


  • Low weight
  • Interchangeable ROV interface
  • Service & User Friendly
  • Drawer and fixed front

Typical Operations

  • Tooling Operations
  • Fluid Operations
  • Pressure Testing

The Octopoda GEN2 ROV Tooling skid is designed to reduce cost in subsea operations related to installation, maintenance and other activities related to underwater operations.

The Octopoda GEN2 ROV Skid is equipped with interchangeable interface frame, there are 3 different setups where we have chosen the most standard ROV types. You can easily choose between drawer or fixed front. For the fixed front solutions there are possibilities to customize, or you can use it as it is, see page 2 for fixed front layout. The skid can be equipped with all kinds of tooling, such as DWP, Torque Tool, Dredger`s, pressure test tooling, cutting tool and others.

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