Octopoda Multipurpose ROV Skid


  • Intervention works
  • Tooling operations
  • Fluid injection
  • Pressure barrier testing
  • The Octopoda Multipurpose ROV skid is designed to reduce cost in subsea operations related to installation, maintenance and other activities related to underwater operations.

    The Multipurpose skid is equipped with a powerpack HPU, 210-liter reservoir and two valve packs with a total of 16 operating proportional valves with pressure reducing function. Operating pressure between 0 and 207 Bar. HP Pressure Boosters is integrated on two functions to perform pressure barrier testing and recording. The skid has a communication gateway enabling control and test of subsea equipment. Electrical and communication are provided by the ROV system. Electrical power is transformed in a built-in subsea transformer to operate the different valves and communication. The Subsea Gateway is a self-contained unit with multiple communication ports for interfacing with valve packs and other electrically operated components, instrumentation and/or subsea cameras.

    The skid is controlled from topside using iCsys VJU software and hardware.

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