Pressure Test Unit 800 Bar

Typical Operations

  • PressureTesting
  • Logging
  • Printing of Test Certificate


  • Dual Acting booster pump 800 Bar
  • Vent to sea/tank line
  • HP and LP circuit
  • Digital Pressure Sensor
  • Print of Pressure Test Certificate
  • Coms RS 232
  • Compact design and low weight

Pressure Test Unit (PTU) is designed to be a compact and highly effective tool for subsea pressure testing from ROV.

The PTU comes with integrated dual action booster pump, Flow Control Valves on inlet supply for tuning- and maximum pump pressure control. PTU can be set up for low pressure test through a separate LP line or high pressure test through the HP line. Each line has a separate Safety Pressure Valves on the pressure outlet line.

Digital sensor and logging software gives live pressure feedback and recording options for pressure test certificate.

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