ROV / DIVER Torque Multiplier GEN-2


  • Mechanical torque Tool
  • Class 1 – 4 multiclass end effector
  • No hydraulic power required (No leakage)
  • No electric power & communication required
  • Torque and Turns feedback display
  • ROV adjustable clutch for safe valve operations
  • Mechanical latch mechanism
  • ROV and diver operable
  • Environmental Friendly compensation fluid


Typical Operations

  • Class 1-4 valve operations up to 1200 Nm
  • Paddle valve operations
  • MQC plate latch / de-latch
  • ROV / Diver Intervention works

The Torque Multiplier Tool Gen-2 is a compact and ROV friendly multiclass torque tool designed for operating Class 1-4 subsea valves and MQC plates up to 1200 Nm torque applications.

The Torque Multiplier Tool (TMT) is a fully mechanical ROV manipulator/diver torque tool that require no hydraulic or electric power- and communication. Reducing the risk of hydraulic fluid spill, hose management and electrical cables. The tool comes with a mechanical latch system for standard API 17D bucket. Torque & Turns display is powered by batteries and is turned on/off or reset using flashing illumination. The Torque Setting System (calibration/operation) enables the operator to both adjust and verify torque output when subsea. The Torque Multiplier Tool has a built-in memory function that enables logging of valve operations when required. The logging files is transferred to laptop through USB adaptor cable. Other end effector available upon request (paddle valves)

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