Stab Ø80MM SP-10K-Interv Weco 1502 2”

Typical Operations

  • Topside Tooling Applications
  • Subsea Operations
  • Function Testing
  • Flushing


  • Field Proven
  • Integrated with Check Valves
  • Compact Design
  • Service and User Friendly
  • Robust

The Ø80mm Hot Stab program is optimized with respect to maximum flow and designed for RFO activities and well intervention. Combining high flow and high pressure makes it perfect for activities related to pigging and testing. Designed after API 17H ISO13628-8 and comes in different types and configurations to suit a wide range of applications.

Ø8 bores for maximum flow and minimum pressure drop. Pressure tested to 1.5 x design pressure.

ROV or diver operated. Low mating force and easy entering. Integrated handle and integrated for 2” 1502 Weco connector. Integrated with swivel and J-lock.

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