Subsea Accumulator System

Typical Operations

  • BOP Intervention
  • Emergency System


  • API 53S compliant high flow system
  • Integrated control system
  • Digital flowmeter
  • Digital pressure sensor
  • Subsea displays for monitoring
  • Print of function test certificate
  • Daisy chain of additional accumulators
  • Guide funnel arms for guide wires
  • Mud-matt platform
  • DNV 2.7-1 Lifting Certified

In relation to drilling standard API 53S the Accumulator System has been designed and tested to close BOP critical functions within a 45 second timeframe.

The Accumulator System is a standalone basket equipped with 7 off 57L 5000 psi bottles, subsea displays and battery driven control system for pressure and flow monitoring and logging.

A ROV friendly valve control panel will allow ease operation of the system and can be operated by all types of ROV’s with manipulator arm. Accumulators can be recharged subsea through stab and receptacle system.

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