Subsea Flowmeter 0,5-25 LPM


  • Field proven design
  • Very high output frequency
  • Short response time
  • RS232 Communication to ROV
  • Flow rating 0,5 – 25 LPM
  • 1/4’’ BSP Female threads
  • Max working pressure 690 Bar
  • Compact en small design
  • Our Subsea Flow Meters are available in a wide variety of flow ranges and electrical outputs, as well as a variety of exotic materials for highest corrosion resistance and material compatibility. Electronics are integrated and sealed to withstand external pressures and temperatures.

    Gear Flow Meters are positive displacement meters, similar in design to a gear pump. The measuring medium rotates two gears, which are engaged with minimum play. The medium is forced along through closed measuring chambers between gears and housing. The gears, which run idle, lose no power in the medium stream. The rotational speed is proportional to the flow and is tapped from pickups from the housing wall.

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