Subsea Flowmeter 15-150 LPM


  • RS232 Communication to ROV
  • User-friendly software and laptop included
  • Flow rating 15 – 150 LPM
  • 1.1/4” BSP female threads
  • Calculated weight in water 8 kg
  • Calculated weight storage box 20 kg
  • Dimensions 582 x 382 x 240 mm
  • The ETL range of subsea flowmeter, all stainless threaded. Flowmeter allows measurement between 15 and 150 L/min.

    Our subsea flowmeters are available in a wide variety of flow and pressure ranges. Flowmeters comes with 1.1/4’’ BSP female threads as standard but can be configured on client requirements. Max working pressure on flowmeter is 690 Bar. Flowmeter is turbin style. Laptop with user-friendly software for monitoring and logging of low is included in kit.

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