Subsea Pump Unit


  • 345 Bar pump system
  • Subsea pressure gauges
  • Pressure Safety Valve
  • ROV control panel
  • Hotstab & Receptacle
  • Pressure Vent. Valve
  • The Subsea Pump Unit is a standalone pump basket with high fluid volume capacity for injection and flushing applications. The pump is powered by an standard WROV and can either supply mineral based oil, water glycol based fluids and MEG.

    The SPU will increase efficiency of fluid injection and flushing performed from e.g. IMR vessels by removing traditional cost-driven deck spread such as HPU, pumps, reel and downline. The basket comes with a 1100 litres flexible tank, hydraulic driven motor-pump unit for 5,000 PSI pressure and a ROV control panel.

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