Subsea Reservoir Basket 2200L

Typical Operations

  • Pumping Operations
  • Flushing Operations


  • Integrated Transfer Pump System
  • ROV Friendly Valve Control Panel
  • Two separate reservoirs
  • Support different types of fluid types
  • Guide Funnel System
  • DNV 2.7-1 Lifting Certified

Subsea Reservoir Pump Basket is designed to reduce cost and HSE impact during pumping and injection operations by removing surface equipment from vessel deck.

The reservoir Basket has 2 off 1100L fluid tanks that can be filled with two types of fluid prior to deployment.

Hydraulic driven transfer pump is operated by an ROV, connected with a jumper hose, hotstab and receptacle.

The large reservoir is ideally suited for any deep-water application to save time in operations requiring large volume of fluids.

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