Test Jig Class 6-7 Transducer System

Typical Operations

  • Torque Tool Class 6-7 Operations
  • Deck Testing


  • Stainless steel transducer with “SMART” intelligence
  • Battery power for use in harsh environments
  • Accuracy +/-0,5% of reading from 20-100% of full scale
  • Limit indication for up to 8 user defined target values
  • Analog input
  • Torque verification of all kinds of equipment

The Class 6-7 Test Jig is a Norbar designed torque verification unit.

This unit is used to give pre-dive surface confirmation of the torque tool calibration. It consists of a standard ISO class 6-7 torque reaction bucket with study base and built-in torque sensor. The Test Jig Transducer system is delivered as a complete kit. (Instrument / Load cell + Test Jig). The verification unit are calibrated once a year. The accuracy is class one (+/-0,5% of reading from 20 to 100% of full scale).

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