Torque Gearbox Class 6-7


  • ISO Class 4 input
  • Class 6-7 output
  • 40 KNM torque output
  • Compact design
  • Low weight, 57 kg in water
  • Maximum water depth 3000 meter
  • Modular gear to fit different output ranges
  • 10 kNm Gear ratio 1:3,78
  • 15 kNm Gear ratio 1:6
  • 40 kNm Gear ratio 1:14

The Class 6-7 Gearbox is designed to enable operation of Class 6 and Class 7 interfaces using a Class 4 torque tool for maximum flexibility at minimum cost.

The Gearbox can be configured for both shortand long Class 7 interface, in addtion to Class 6 using a square insert. The Gearbox is delivered as a complete kit including required components to adapt the tool to the interfaces as described above. Maximum outpuit is 40 kNm.

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