Torque Tool Class 1-4 Feedback

Typical Operations

  • Torque Operations


  • Max torque output 2700 Nm
  • ISO 13268-8 API 17D
  • Max hydraulic pressure 150 bar
  • Max flow 20 L/min
  • Torque readout on subsea display
  • Turns counter on subsea display
  • Hydraulic latches
  • Long life battery system

The hydraulic class 1-4 feedback tool has been designed in tradition of providing our customers a simple, rugged and reliable product.

The feedback class 1-4 Torque Tool comes with an integral torque and turns display for visual read-out of torque and turns feedback. The display does also have a memory recording date, time and turns to be used as documentation for the valve operation (optional).

The Torque Tool can be supplied with a surface Test Jig for calibration prior to subsea operations. The read-out unit provides a torque display in either Nm or ft-lbs.

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