Torque Tool Class 6-7 Feedback

Typical Operations

  • Torque Operations


  • Torque output 1800 – 34000 Nm
  • Class 7 – API 17D Interface (short type)
  • Max pressure 207 bar
  • Max flow 60 L/min
  • Torque- and Turn subsea display read-out
  • Depth rated for 3000 m
  • Calculated dry weight 82 kg
  • Calculated water weight 60 kg

The Hydraulic Class 6-7 torque tool has been designed in tradition of providing our customers a simple, rugged and reliable product.

The torque tool gives the operator full control on torque and turns, allowing the operator to set correct torque and turns to avoid over torque of the object. Subsea display shows exact torque and turn feedback with an accuracy of ± 3,5% at max torque.

Display data can be transferred visually through the ROV cameras or electronically through an additional control system to the operator.

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