Electric Torque Tool Class 1-4

Features Torque Tool

  • Compact and low weight tool
  • Min torque output 20 Nm
  • Max torque output 2711 Nm
  • Subsea socket changeout jig (optional)
  • Low voltage 5A 110VAC circuit
  • iCsys Suite Control System
  • Low torque at 350 Nm and 30 RPM
  • High torque at 2711 Nm and 6 RPM
  • Mechanical latching wings
  • Mechanical turn indicator (backup)


Features Control System

  • iCsys VJU Studio modular Control System™
  • Automatically as found / as left still pictures
  • Supports IP camera connection
  • Torque and Turns recording chart
  • Gearbox Class 5/6/7 indicator in GUI

The Electric Torque Tool is a module based, compact, flexible and robust precision tool for operation and use in all subsea and ROV applications. Delivered with the new generation software control system (iCsys Suite) for maximum utilization.

The Blue Logic produced system combines all known advantages from a hydraulic torque tool system with the technology and advantages available from a modern servo based electrical controlled drive system. Interface sockets are replaceable on both deck and subsea (optional) to interface ISO Class 1-4 interfaces. The different sockets will automatically interface the gear system to utilise the optimal gear ration and power/speed capacity. The control system automatically detects socket and gear ratio and will automatically switch between low torque and high torque mode.

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