Electric Torque Tool Class 1-4

Features Torque Tool

  • Compact and low weight tool
  • Min torque output 20 Nm
  • Max torque output 2711 Nm
  • Subsea socket changeout jig (optional)
  • Low voltage 5A 110 VAC circuit
  • Ixys Suite Control System
  • Low torque at 350 Nm and 30 RPM
  • High torque at 2711 Nm and 6 RPM
  • Mechanical latching wings
  • Mechanical turn indicator (backup)

Features Control System

  • Ixys Suite modular Control System ™
  • Automatically as found / as left still pictures
  • Supports IP camera connection
  • Torque and turns recording chart
  • Gearbox Class 5/6/7
  • *Cloud based Valve Management System ™
    *in development

The Electrical Torque Tool is a module based, compact, flexible and robust precision tool for operation and use in all subsea and ROV applications.

The system combines all known advantages from a hydraulic torque tool system with the technology and advantages available from a modern based electrical controlled drive system.

Interface sockets are replaced on both deck and subsea (optional) to interface ISO class 1-4 interfaces. The different sockets will automatically interface the gear system to utilize the optimal gear ratio and power/speed capacity. The control system automatically switches between low torque and high torque mode.

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