Hydraulic Power Unit 275 kW

Typical Operations

  • Function Testing
  • Deck Testing
  • Flushing Operations


  • For usage in Safety Zone
  • Variable pressure compensated pumps with LS and power limiter
  • Constant pressure or load-sense system selectable
  • Air oil cooler
  • 10-200 my filtration
  • Built in offshore container according to DNV 2.7.1

The Envirent 275 kW HPU is designed for high flow applications both offshore and onshore. The unit is intended for deck test use at the safety zone, flushing and function testing. 

The HPU is only approved for use in Safety Zone and the HPU is built in offshore container according to DNV 2.7.1. The HPU is driven by a Cummins NT855diesel motor and is equipped with a 600L fuel tank.

With a pressure of 350 Bar and flow rate of 950 L/min, the HPU is suitable for a wide range of task requiring high power.

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